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Praise Report

I just had to write about my baby.  We got great news just the other day, and I am thrilled.  He was supposed to see a cardiologist at 6 mos for the three VSDs he was born with.  VSDs are small holes in his heart, and it is common for babies with Down Syndrome to have some sort of heart defect.  Some are worse than others.  His holes were quite small, but needed to be checked.

Many people have been praying for him, and I can praise my Lord and Saviour that 2 of the three holes are now gone.  The one that is left is the most common defect in a heart, and is minor, negligible, and most likely will never change, except to get a little smaller.

I know God can do better than that.  We are praying for it to go away entirely!

After the doctor gave me the news, I was elated.  It wasn’t like I had been worried about it, but, it was always hanging over us.  Holes in your baby’s heart.  Not a good thing.

The doctor left the room, I was getting my little sweetie dressed, and I just began to weep.  I know what God can do, but he did it for me.  He did it for my baby.  He did it for His glory.  I was awed.

Thank you, Lord.


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